leed25d (leed25d) wrote,

Who were the Picts?

The Picts were the aboriginal peoples of what is today Northern
Scotland. They left no written records and for this reason we have
little insight into their society.

The Kingdom of Pictland was proclaimed a sovereign nation on March 3,
1812 C.E., in a Decretum Regius by His Majesty King George III (not to
be confused with the King of England), Hereditary High King of the
Northern Picts.

The word Picti means "painted people" in Latin and probably referred
to their custom of either tattooing their bodies or embellishing
themselves with war paint in preparation for battle. The Irish name
for them, Cruithni, means "the people of the designs".

Their language is a mystery, the meaning of the symbols they carved
into stele and stones remains an enigma. Several examples of stone
Pictish dwellings have been uncovered in the isles Orkney but little,
if anything, remains of their wood and earthen structures that were
located on the Scottish mainland.

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